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To comment or not to comment. Should comment sections a thing of the past or are they needed for reader engagement and activity? Why some publishers are killing their comments section, by Ricardo Bilton offers an overview of why some big names in the internet world have decided to eliminate their comment sections or not include them on new websites.
“The promise of the Internet, we are often told, is the opportunity to have a two-way dialogue. Anyone visiting a publisher’s comment section, however, might wonder whether that’s a promise or a threat.” Bilton states in his article.
Just because it is the opportunity for two-way dialogue does not mean there is a right associated with it. There are no rules governing the internet that state an article, video, or picture on any social media site or news site must include a section for readers and viewers to leave comments.
In recent years, people in online comment sections have not held their “tongues” or fingers when deciding to exercise their freedom of speech. While some readers offer insightful content that is worth reading, others fill comment sections with spam, innapropriate content and absusive or offensive words. In a Facebook post featuring a video of a young girl who just got her wisdom teeth removed. Assuming my, her family uploaded the video as a way to show friends and family the humor of the girls’ actions and words. Eventually it became viral, which opened up the floodgates for the peanut gallery. A quick scroll through the comment section and you will read various posts such as “you don’t really act like this on laughing gas”, “she’s annoying not funny”, “this is so staged”, “why is this popular” and so forth. An innocent video of a young girl who seems to be under from oral surgery, yet people still find a way to be negative. img_7150.pngAre we forgetting the age old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.” This should easily transcribe to social media and online platforms where people seem to believe that they have free reign to bully and belittle one another. Get a grip, not everything will involve you or even relate to you and if it doesn’t think twice, maybe even three times before intervening with an unwarranted overly opinionated comment. After you’ve thought about it, of what you’re about to put on public display provides factual content, meaning, and sparks positive interaction then by all means post away. Many readers would love to engage in that type of online interaction. Let’s make comment sections great again!

Page One: A review

This serious, yet subtly humor filled movie chronicling The New York Times will leave you feeling informed and refreshed. Page One leaves watchers a new perspective of newspapers and the way they were once looked at. It follows a in “the life” look into The New York Times. At the start of the film, some of the nations most highly respected newspaper closures are made known, Denver’s own Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Post Influencer were a couple to take a major hit in 2009. Unlike many that were forced to entirely close due to declining interest and sales of print news, The Seattle Post-Influencer forecasted the way the future was heading, well. They decided to continue their newspaper work but through online channels.

Following David Carr and his editor Bruce  Headlam we get to experience what it was like while The New York Times was under fire and facing scrutiny of rumors that they too would soon collapse.

Kendra Scott; Who she is and how she got there.

IMG_6759.PNGIf you have some sort of interest in jewelry, then you have most likely heard of Kendra Scott. She’s the creator of her self made jewelry business simply titled, Kendra Scott. Growing up in Kenosha, Wisconsin she would go to Milwaukee, and play in her “glamorous” aunts closet. She would dress her and her mother up in all of her aunts clothing and accessories. Around the age of 16, Scott’s parents divorced, so she and her mother moved to Houston, Texas. That’s where things were rocky, but was the start of her now million dollar business. She began her college career at Texas A&M, but dropped out by her sophomore year. Scott needed to focus on other things, like her step fathers health. He had developed cancer, so she decided to move to Austin where she split her time between there and MD Anderson in Houston where he underwent treatment.

That’s where her creative mindset came to life. Her days were spent sitting and waiting in the hospital waiting rooms. Instead of doing nothing Scott and her mother met and talked with others in the hospital. After meeting dozens of women battling cancer, she decided to launch a hat company called The Hat Box. The mission was to make hats for women undergoing chemo therapy. Because The Hat Box had a slow start and saw minimal growth, after five years Scott was forced to close it down. Stating that “she’d never go into retail again.” In that time her step-father had passed and she felt as if she’d not only failed herself, but her family as well.

Scott found new work in the travel industry, where she worked hands on with the companies magazine which she enjoyed but knew she wanted to do “her own thing.” Scott married and had her first son in 2001. The travel required for the magazine was enough for her to channel into what she really loved, fashion.

Scott took jewelry making classes in Austin, broke apart jewelry to learn more about it and set up a spare bedroom in her home to start her business. NPR’s host of How I Built This, Guy Raz curated a laid back conversational podcast with Scott. Raz and Scott’s conversation flows smoothly, he kind of just lets her roll with her story, while asking questions but keeping them minimal. It’s effective because he allows her story to be told AND to be heard by following up with relevant questions to dig deeper into something she had said. When Scott mentioned her first call from department store Harold’s, she recalls being so overwhelmed with emotions. It was a call for $75,000 worth of her pieces! Raz follows up with the question of “how many pieces was that?” From there she worked hard to be able to rent space in an attic so she and six employees could began mass production at her first “corporate headquarters.” She began working with Nordstrom and was able to secure a $25,000 line of credit then working upwards to $50,000 and $75,000 lines of credit. Throughout the podcast Raz can be heard asking intriguing questions to get Scott to go in depth or talk about something she probably wouldn’t have touched on!

Listen to the entire podcast for yourself!

Day Seven: St. Patrick’s Day, the REAL one

Our flight landed at 10:40 pm on St. Patrick’s Day (Night). In true Milli fashion it was a race against time to make it from DIA to Boulder before the 1:45 am last call. Ugh why am I like this? But I had already agreed to head straight to the bars and we all know I don’t back out of a commitment like that. 😉 As soon as I got home I changed, grabbed another duffle that I packed prior to leaving for Florida and headed to Dwight’s house. I parked my car and ordered an uber to meet everyone at the bar. When I arrived at 12:35 am I was in for a treat. My friends had been dartying (day drinking) since 9 am, so half of them didn’t even make it out to the bars, but the ones who did were on another level. They were way out of my league and I sure did not want to play catch up that late in the evening. I headed to the bar and order a double vodka sprite with a splash of cran and proceeded to find some friends. The bars were packed. But I was quickly able to location my clan and was greeted with hugs and “I missed you’s” I am lucky to have as great of a crew as I do. I think I almost cried when I saw Christian. I missed him so much, I sure do love that boy. He always gives the best hugs and really reminds you just how special ya are. Plus everyone told me how all week he’d been saying he couldn’t wait to see me so I was that much more excited to get to see him. He was so tired that right after seeing me he said “alright, I’m going home. I only stayed so I could see you.” The night was short because it was so late but it ended with a trip to Cosmo’s for pizza per usual.

Blog pic 1
Hiya friends!
Oh hey Christian

Day Six: Final Florida day

The last day of our trip finally came around. Rachel and I would be leaving Ashley and Jack later that evening. Sad day. We wanted to have a low key day so we’d decided we were going to attempt to watch a beach sun rise and have a mellow afternoon at the beach.

We woke up around 6:30 am in hopes of catching the sun rise on the beach but sat in traffic for 45 minutes only to move about one mile so we missed it. We went back to the hotel to make breakfast and pack our bags. We got ready and decided to spend the last afternoon walking along the beach and on the pier. It was quite relaxing and provided some great location to capture cool shots. We shopped at a few local shops then went back to the room to clean and get our stuff.

Enjoying a stroll along the Pier

We headed to the airport around 4:30 pm and avoided a majority of the traffic so we arrived way early. Rachel and I ate dinner at a little Cuban spot on our concourse. She got the Cuban sandwich she’d been wanting and I had a steak sandwich. We watched the first round of March Madness there before heading to our gate. We boarded our non stop flight back to Denver more relaxed but sad to be leaving the “salt life” as locals say. The short trip to Florida was much needed but wish it could have been longer!

Day Five: Sun and Sand

This day started with a quick 8 am workout at the resort followed by Rachel and I walking to Dunkin Donuts for some much needed coffee. Working out in Florida is great because although it’s humid and I could not stop sweating, I was actually able to workout harder than back home because of the lack of altitude.

Sea level: 1, altitude: 0.

When we got back from Dunkin, Jack and Ashley were still in bed so we made breakfast and did a bit of homework. Once they were up, we made drinks and headed down to the pool for a relaxing morning. Ashley and Jack had talked up an all-you-can-eat Asian buffet so we were excited to pig out there for lunch before lounging on the beach later.

Boy oh boy. That buffet was glorious. It had everything, I mean evvverrraaaythang. An entire sushi section, various types of the same style of sushi, a hibachi grill, an Asian foods counter with orange chicken, friend rice, and the works, let’s not forget about the dessert table. There was six ice cream flavors, toppings, cookies, and other goodies. But the king of the dessert table was definitely the chocolate fountain. Not to mention it was only $13 per person for allllll of it! Rachel and I finally understood why they would not stop texting us about the dang place.

Once we got to the beach we layed out for a bit before throwing the Frisbee around. We headed back to the hotel to make dinner, go to the hot tub, and finished off our evening by playing sand volleyball, ladder-ball, and corn hole.

Just a little frisbee on the white sand beach

Day Four: Welcome To Miami

The colors in Miami are so vibrant, I’m in love with this city!

Miami here we come! For this day, we decided to take a trip down south to Miami Beach. Well worth it. We ate dinner at this amazing Cuban restaurant: Puerto Sagua. A great mom and pops style eatery. Home-y service with friendly authentic faces. Our server gave us her options on what was best. I had the flank steak with fries. Definitely going back the next chance I get. While in Miami we also went to Fat Tuesday. If you’re familiar with Vegas you know what I’m talking about. 😉 We all got the large slushies that came with the keepsake cup but of course I left mine on the flight home. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend going to Mammacitas Italian Gelato! There were so many flavors and all delicious. I had over 20 choices to pick from but settled on Ferrero Rocher and Kit Kat. I loved this little spot on the corner of Collins and 10th Avenue. A trip to Miami Beach would not be complete without well ya know, going to the Beach!? We walked down Ocean Avenue hoping to find a nice spot to watch the waves crash, but we were disappointed by the overwhelming amount of spring breakers! It was insanely crowded, I’m talking like shoulder to shoulder. After about 5 minutes we decided to walk along the main street that featured the stores. We stopped in some tourist like stores like surf style so we could grab hats and t-shirts. While walking we came across the ‘D-A-S-H’ boutique, owned by the Kardashian sisters. We decided since we were in town, why not stop in. Unfortunately the rude customer service only afforded us less than 10 minutes in the store. The culture in Miami was unlike here in Colorado or even other parts of Florida and it was great to experience that. I loved Miami and hope to go back soon!

Day Three: Vamos A La Playa

Traveling with a connecting flight can be a pain, luckily we arrived at the Charlotte airport with about 30 minutes to stretch out our legs, and grab a coffee and snack before our next flight boarded. Rachel and I both slept for a good chunk of the first flight. On the second flight we we’re asleep with no interruptions for nearly the entire flight. It was much needed to keep us going for our first day in Florida.

We landed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport where Ashley and Jack picked us up. Our first stop was WalMart to pick up some food for the room, sunscreen, and pool floaties. I got the sweetest cupcake floaty, I couldn’t wait to take it in the ocean. From there we headed to our resort, dropped our bags, and changed clothes to head to the beach!

It was such a perfect day to be on the beach. 70 degree weather, sunshine, basically all I could ever want. After lounging for a bit, we decided to go play in the ocean, boy was it cold. Not to mention the current was a little more aggressive then it seemed from the shore. It was so aggressive that when the wind picked up and blew my floaty in the water while we took pictures, it was long gone before we could even attempt to grab it. 😦 Quite possibly the saddest day of my life. Oh well, it was a good couple of hours with it.

Life is almost as sweet as this cupcake.